Coaching into being


Online coaching «coming into being» mindfulness-based coaching. Sometimes in life, we need support from an objective person who has no agenda, maybe to get an overview (eagle view) over an ongoing situation where we feel stuck, or when we need direction and support in becoming aware of our own strengths and talents. To allow ourselves to shine into our fullest potential and also to accept ourselves just the way we are without having to compete or prove anything to anyone, or to follow other peoples idea`s or dreams about what we should or shouldn`t do.We have all the answers inside ourselves, but sometimes, in life, we need support from an objective non-judgemental listener as we embark on the journey of exploring our own inner landscapes. 

Safe and confidential meetings with a certified coach and counsellor.  

How? Online coaching will happen through skype, you will need a skype account. Payment: Payment via paypal, 50 dollars, or 45 euro, or 40 pounds, or 500 nok for a 60 minutes session. Contact chatbox or e-mail for more information.  Welcome back to yourself.   

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