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50 min yogavideo, flow, finding freedom. English.

Pris: 90,00 NOK
50 min warming, balancing flow. This flow is from one of my favorite 50 minutes yoga practices, including the way I like to move in my yoga, inviting you to do the same. I recommend this video to those who has some experience with yoga, not because the poses are advanced or difficult, but because you have to be at that point in your practice where you are ready to explore moving in the pose, or maybe your are just bored of doing the same pose in the same way and are ready to invite some freedom into your practice? There will be a short warm up on the floor, focusing on the spine, then balance, breath, flow, moving meditation, and a little section with rythms and dance/shaking, to loosen up and feel free. This 50 min session has it all: warming, strength, balance, breath, flow, and freedom. Trailer on the "yoga videos" page. Welcome. Music: Bensound.

55 min,Yogavideo. MykYoga med gong, Norsk.

Pris: 95,00 NOK
Myk yoga med gong, 55 min. Norsk. Velkommen til en yogatime i rolig tempo, med dynamiske rolige øvelser, vi mykner opp i ryggsøylen og ledd i kroppen, med myke yogaøvelser, varmer opp med sittende og stående øvelser, går så inn i stående balanse, litt core (boatpose), dermed liggende hoftestrekk (duen), sittende rotasjon og til slutt 8 min avspenning/savasana med lyden av gong og lyd. Denne timen skal være tilpasset alle som kan komme seg opp og ned fra et gulv uten støtte. Men husk å hør på din egen kropp, og ikke press deg selv inn i smerter. Trailer (smakeprøve) finner du i "yogavideos" i menyen.

50 min, yogaflow, water element. English.

Pris: 90,00 NOK
Yogavideo, 50 minutes, water element. Flow and balance. Welcome to this gentle warming flow where we focus on going with the flow (like the water element), not focusing so much on the muscles, but more on releasing tension in the poses and the movement. Trailer in the "yogavideos" section. Remember to always be mindful and listen to the signals in your own body and back off if there is pain or if something doesn`t feel right. Take a break whenever you need to, and also pause the video if you need to watch something again.