Safe and mindful yoga

You, yourself, know your own body better than anyone, your possible injuries and aches and pains. If you are not sure about yoga being right for you, contact your doctor or physiotherapist. The yoga classes on this site should be suitable for all ages, from young adult to older, all levels, all sizes, man and woman. It is important though, that you are able to get up and down from a floor on your own, without too much effort, especially in the flow sequenses (vinyasa).The yoga teacher is here to teach you yoga, and will guide you safely in yoga positions with the best use of knowledge obtained, but you must take responsibility for your own body. The teacher can not take on the responsibility if you should cause yourself any injuries or pain during the lessons, therefore it is important that you listen to your own body's signals. You should not feel sharp pain when doing yoga, feelings of stretching sensations is ok, also noticing stiffness in the body is common. You should be able to have access and space enough in the yogaposes to breathe freely, if you feel that a yoga position inhibits the free flow of the breath in your body, you have gone too deep in the position in relation to your level, if that is the case, back off a bit. The breath is a great guide to follow.

Never ever think that you are too unflexible to start with yoga, yoga helps especially for unflexible bodies. You will become more flexible with regular yoga practice. 

The motto "the journey is more important than the destination" is important to consider when you practice yoga. Make your encounter with yoga a good experience by working on dropping thoughts about pressure, achievement and comparison. All bodies are unique and different, we practice yoga based on where we are in the moment, based on daily form and energy level. Yoga practiced with presence and mindfulness should be experienced as healthy, healing, beneficial, soothing and sometimes even joyful, you can of course also encounter difficult feelings and thoughts, but that is not to be considered as negative, you then have a great opportunity to work with acceptance and observation, yoga is very much about acceptance and observation, letting go, going with the flow, and getting to know yourself and your body on a deeper level.