One of my favorite things to do in life, is to spend time by a waterfall on a lovely summers day. Gives me a lot of good energy (prana), and awakens the senses. I also love bathing in a cool waterfall. This picture is from summer 2020, up near the mountains of Telemark, Norway. Shortly after this shot, i had an amazing bath in this refreshing and clean mountain water. There is nothing like it!

About me

Hi, I am so pleased you popped by. ​

My name is Vibeke, I am the founder of "My Mindful Time". I truly believe that mindfulness and yoga can change lifes around for the better, as it has my own, and still does. I reside in Norway where i grew up, but  was born in England where i have close family and friends. I am delighted to share the fantastic tools of yoga and mindfulness with you. I am a qualified yinyang yogateacher, mediyoga instructor, mindfulness-coach, mindful-yogateacher, counsellor and a holistic therapist. After offering yogalessons for 7 years locally, i am now expanding into the online world. I am especially passionate about creative vinyasa-inspired flow sequenses - moving meditation and mindfulness meditations. For me, yoga has never been just about the physical body, but very much about the body-mind connection. I wish to offer holistic yoga so that you can feel the benefits not just in your physical body but also your mind and energy body. Of course it is a great bonus to achieve a fit and healthy body, which is one of the many positive side effects of practicing physical yoga (asanas) regularly, but it helps very little on your wellbeing if your mind is all over the place, especially if you are struggeling with self-image, self confidence, body image and the "inner critic".

We all have an "inner critic", but we can learn to quieten it down and not believe in everything it says. And to not take all our thoughts as the truth. Through mindfulness we work on accepting ourselves just the way we are, without having to achieve, compete or pretend, but, rather embracing all that we are with full acceptance, body, mind and emotions.  

I hope and wish to shine a light on the importance of being true to yourself through the tools of mindfulness and yoga. 


 Namaste Vibeke 

Lets talk about authenticity.


Lets talk about authenticity. Arjava- sanskrit word and meaning for honesty, justice, integrity and authenticity. Being honest comes from knowing yourself and what you know is true to you. When we cultivate Arjava, our inner truth finds its way from us to those around us, then we create a more accepting and relaxed atmosphere. How do we cultivate Arjava in our yoga practice? You have the opportunity to be honest with yourself by respecting and honoring your body and mind, or you can choose to ignore the body's signals. For example, let's say you have limited movement of the hip joint, or another joint, you know the weakness, but defy the body's signals by going deeper into the position than you know you can, signals such as sharp pain, discomfort, compression-feeling, this is not Arjava.

You practice Arjava if you do not try to push yourself beyond your limit. If you take it easy, do yoga with presence, listen to the body and adjust yourself to the position. When you practice Arjava, you will have better effect and experience of your yoga practice. The same goes for life in general, practice being true to yourself as much as possible. 

My "mantra" in my yoga practice is to always remember and respect the meaning of Arjava.   

My companys name used to be "ArjavaYoga" before i changed it in to "My Mindful Time".

ArjavaYoga still has a page on facebook. Go check!