Welcome to my mindful time, also your mindful time.  

This is an online platform you can visit whenever you need a break from the pressures of daily life, to have your own mindful time through yoga and mindfulness, from anywhere, anytime you choose. If you wish to calm your mind or move your body, or both. Connect to your own inner source of peace and calm, get to know your body through movements and yoga. In the meny on this site you will find free videos you can watch that will guide you through yoga and mindfulness with a qualified and experienced yogateacher. You will find a choice of physical yoga exercises, movement, meditations, breathing excercises (pranayama), yin and yang yoga, and guided relaxations. To strengthen and soften your body, and calm the mind. We also focus on finding freedom both in the body and the mind.  

In all videos you will be guided into the present moment (mindfulness), to practice yoga with a sense of and ease and joy, not forcing your body, but rather doing yoga in your own time and tempo, sensing inwards. 

Video courses and full lenght yogavideos will be up for purchase in the near future. Meanwhile I hope you will enjoy these free yogavideos at your own time and pase, in the comfort and safety of your own home. A gift from me to you in these strange and unpredictable times that we find ourselves in around the world, we are now even in more need of helpful tools like yoga and mindfulness. 

There is also written material around this site to get you inspired.

This website is quite newborn, the plan is to fill it up with more varied material in time, so pleace check in to whats new from time to time. Thank you!  

What is yoga?

​ "Yoga is the stilling of the fluctuations of the mind" Patanjali.   

In the western part of the world, it can seem that yoga has become all about physical fitness, but the physical (asanas) is only a small part of yoga. Yoga meaning union, connecting mind body and spirit, and also self-compassion, and compassion towards all living beings, including the whole world. The physical yoga (asanas) were invented to prepare the body for longer periods in seated meditation. Yoga arose in India many thousand years ago and started to grow in popularity in the western world around the sixties/seventies. These days, yoga is  everywhere in all shapes and forms, and has become immensely popular throughout the world.  

​​Yoga with Vibeke: (MyMindfulTime) 

​I want you to enjoy yoga without thinking about having to achieve any particular goal (unless that is very important to you), or forcing yourself into yogaposes that doesn`t feel right for your body. Do yoga with ease and don`t take it so seriously. The most important thing, is to go with the flow of your own body. Always be mindful when practicing yoga, It is important to have self-compassion and to give yourself time to get to know yoga and the way your own body wants to do yoga, this is one of the beneficial things about yoga-online videos, you can pause the video whenever you need to have a break, or if you missed something the yogainstructor was saying, just rewind and do the exercise again, in your own tempo. It is a good idea to watch and do one particular video again and again. I recommend doing a flow-video and then a seated meditation-video afterwards for full holistic effect. In some videos there will be a mix of flow and meditation.   

Personally i love flow and movement, with allowance and space for discovering my own creativity and freedom in the poses and in the moves, not being restricted to "only one way of doing yoga" because all bodies are different and unique. I hope and wish to offer you a space where you can discover your own creativity and freedom in your practice.  

There are many great books on yoga and mindfulness written, I will write a recommendation-booklist on the ones i personally love at some point soon.  

Yoga, it flows through you, you just have to open up to it ...

Do nothing ...

You dont have to do anything ...

What if someone said to you: You dont have to do anything?
Don't even try to breathe... because the body is breathing by itself, the air around you is streaming into you wether or not you are trying, because you are alive, because you ARE. Maybe this is sometimes enough, to just breathe. To no nothing?  

What if you could just totally relax...?

Without labeling...
Without labeling your thoughts / feelings as negative / positive.
What about total acceptance of all that is you?
Whatever you have been through in life, whatever you have achieved or not achieved, wherever you come from, you have great potential.
If you find that you have some limitations physically or mentally, this doesn't have to be an obstacle in your yoga practice, maybe it can teach you something, maybe you need time, need no one pushing you. Need to take things at your own pace ...